11 Questions Big Brain GK Trivia Quiz - Only Smart People Can Answer

Published:Nov 10, 202317:24
Updated on:Nov 10, 2023
11 Questions Big Brain GK Trivia Quiz - Only Smart People Can Answer

Only the smartest and sharpest of brains can answer the 11 general knowledge questions in this trivia quiz. Here is another challenge on various interesting topics to test how much you know and how good you are with trivia. Test if you are smart enough to answer at least 5 questions.

1. Which Nazi doctor was infamous for his experiments involving twins?

Joseph Goebbels
Hermann Goering
Joseph Mengele

2. Which doctor pioneered vaccines and created the smallpox vaccine?

Edward Jenner
Walter Riley
Blaise Pascal

3. Who played the role of Doctor Evil in the Austin Powers movies?

Mike Myers
Jack Black
Owen Wilson

4. Which is a doctor that investigates the causes and effects of diseases?

A sleuthologist
A pathologist
A rheumatologist

5. Which fruit keeps the doctor away?

A pear
A orange
A apple

6. Which fictional doctor could communicate with animals?

Dr. Zhivago
Dr. Doolittle
Dr. Quinn

7. Which doctor became the first European to discover the Victoria Falls in Africa?

Cecil Rhodes
David Livingston
Henry Stanley

8. Which fictional doctor comes from the planet Vulcan?

Dr. Who
Dr. Wilson
Dr. Spock

9. Which dictator known as Papa Doc declared himself ruler for life of Haiti in 1957?

Francois Duvalier
Jean Perron
Augusto Pinochet

10. Which organ will a doctor remove during a cholecystectomy?


11. What is selfish devotion to others?


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