9 Little-Known Truths About Your Vagina Every Woman Should Know

Published:Dec 2, 202313:38
Updated on:Dec 7, 2023
9 Little-Known Truths About Your Vagina Every Woman Should Know

Learn how its remarkable adaptability and ability to stretch accommodate various situations, reverting to its original form afterward. Uncover insights into swelling, its causes, and the incredible elasticity that defines this unique aspect of the female anatomy.

Today I will tell you something about Vagina that you might not have known before if you are not a subscriber of SocialyKeeda.com. Let's dive in and uncover some fascinating truths about this incredible part of the female anatomy.

The walls of Vagina are pleated. For example, like an umbrella. What happens when you close it? And when you open it, how big it opens? Similarly, during intercourse, during reproduction and when it is baby born, at that time Vagina opens and becomes big. And later it comes back to its shape and gets stretched.  So when you do intercourse, it can be twice as big as its size. It can be swelled. It can be swelled sometimes if it is very aggressive. And in a while, its size becomes normal. Swelling also becomes less. It becomes very elastic.


Vaginal Anatomy Unveiled

The vagina isn't just a singular entity; it comprises various parts, each with its own name and function. It's essential to understand the distinction between the internal and external components.

  • Vulva vs. Vagina: The visible outer part is the vulva, including the vaginal lips or labia. However, the canal-like internal structure is the actual vagina.

  • Three Holes: Yes, women have three openings—rear for stool, middle for urine (urethra), and the front for the vaginal opening, which serves multiple purposes, including childbirth and menstruation.


Vagina's Guardian: Vaginal Hair

Ever wondered why vaginal hair exists? It acts as a protective shield, guarding against harmful intruders like bacteria, germs, or foreign substances, preventing their entry.

The Myth of Vaginal Color

The color of the vagina can differ from the surrounding skin due to various factors like hormones, biology, or skin tone. It's entirely normal for it to be darker than other body parts.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Remember, each body is different, and variations in vaginal appearance or color are entirely natural. Accept and embrace yourself just the way you are.

But women are very different from men. And they have three holes. If we start from the back, then the first hole is from where you pass the stool.  If we see from the front, then the first hole is from where you pass urine. Which is also called urethra. From where only pee passes and the hole is very small. The hole in the center is called vaginal opening. Yes, that is vaginal opening.

From where you can pass urine.  If you use a tampon, then you have to put tampon there. You have to put menstrual cup. From there, your period blood comes. From there, baby borns are there.

New life begins. And from there, the whole process of reproductive is there. So women have three holes. This is a very big fact of your body.  Which you should know.

The next fact is known to everyone. But you wouldn't have thought like this. Do you know that your vagina has a bodyguard? Think, think. This is a bodyguard of your vagina. Which prevents any harmful thing from going inside. Whether it is bacteria, germs, lotion, soap, water.  It doesn't let anything go inside. So that protection is your vaginal hair.

That is why God has made it there. So that it can protect against any bacteria or germs. I told you about clitoris. So let's talk about clitoris and clit. Like penis, clitoris can also range in size.  From tiny pea to lima bean.

So there is a big difference in its size. Once it is sexually aroused. The first upper part of the vagina. You can see a small part in it. You can feel it even if you touch it. That is called clit. It is called clitoris.  It is such a part of your body. In which thousands of nerves end.

When you do the process of love making. It increases in size. And it also gives a lot of pleasure. And many people don't know anything about it.

Did you know about clit before? Let me give you a little more knowledge about clit.  Did you watch the movie Titanic? How the iceberg looks small from outside. But later you will know that it was very deep in the ground. It was very big. So the same thing happens with clit. It looks very small from outside. But inside it is very big. So many nerves end there.

It has a very big role in love making.

Now let's talk about the color of the vagina. Many people have doubts about the color of the vagina. How is the rest of it? Does everyone have it? Let me tell you an interesting fact. From your body.

Your vagina can be 3-4 times darker.  And this is very common. Not only you are not alone. If you compare it with the body part of everyone. Then the vaginal area is darker. And there are many reasons for it.

There are reasons like hormonal, biological, brown skin tone, especially Indians have darker skin and this is also scientifically proven. So if you have come here embarrassed because of your Vajana color, then you don't have to feel ashamed. So accept this truth and be confident the way you are. Nothing can be lost in your Vajana.  A lot of people are afraid that if they lost their Vajana, then they lost their menstrual cup, tampon, etc. but I will remind you again. Nothing can be lost in your Vajana.

There is not much space in your Vajana.  You might think that it will happen, but scientifically, it doesn't happen. In many foreign countries, when you clean your face, they also do vaginal facials. It is very strange. I have not seen this in India.

If you have seen it, then tell me. So it is a proper step.  First they remove the hair, clean it, steam it, scrub it, massage it properly and then apply a mask. And after applying the mask, there is a glow.


These intriguing facts shed light on a part of the female body that often remains shrouded in mystery. Subscribers of SocialyKeeda might already be acquainted with some of these insights, but there's always more to discover. For engaging and informative content, subscribe our newsletter. 

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