Mahatma Gandhi Medical College Jaipur: A Leading Hub for Medical Education and Excellence

Published:Nov 11, 202301:00
Mahatma Gandhi Medical College Jaipur: A Leading Hub for Medical Education and Excellence
Mahatma Gandhi Medical College Jaipur

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College in Jaipur. Discover state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and a commitment to producing compassionate healthcare professionals. Join us for a transformative academic journey in the heart of Jaipur.

Hi, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College in Jaipur and this is its huge campus. is the college building and Mahatma Gandhi University and Medical Sciences and Technology is the university building. And on the left side you can see the auditorium and the hostel complex that you can see behind me. This college can be said to be the number one private medical college in Rajasthan.

But if we compare it with SMS, then here those complicated cases are handled which difficulty level you get in SMS medical college. College was established in 2001 and the legacy of the college is very strong.  If we talk about the college, then here MBBS and PG both are there. In total, this medical college has 250 seats in undergraduate. As far as the college hospital is concerned, I am going to show you the hospital as well. There are 1400 bedded hospitals here and if we talk about the patient flow, then it is unmatchable.  If we talk about any medical college in Rajasthan, then you will get the best patient flow here after SMS. As I said earlier, all the difficult surgeries are there. There is a dedicated cancer hospital, multi-specialty hospital, kidney transplantation is done here. So all the difficult cases can be handled here.  Along with studies, there are many extra curricular activities facilities for students. Club facilities are available, NSS social welfare activities are available and many sports facilities are also available in-house in the hostel area.

Apart from this, the annual festival here is called SPECTRA. If we talk about Mahatma Gandhi Medical College Hospital, then here almost 500,000 adults and children are treated every year.  In which highly qualified and motivated dedicated professionals work. All kinds of physicians, surgeons, nurses and their assistant team. If we talk about the IPD every day, then almost 1200 patients are admitted here every day.

If we talk about the hospital occupancy rate, then 85% of the hospital is always occupied.  Casualty and emergency services are available here around the clock. There are 24-hour blood bank facilities, advanced radiography and diagnostic labs are available in which all kinds of state-of-the-art and modern machines are available. MRI, CT scan, all advanced facilities are available here. If we talk about Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, then this is a post-graduate medical institute.  It was recognized by the Medical Council of India in 2001 and there are all kinds of super-specialty departments in it. 24-hour full-time duty consultants are available in all specialties and emergency services. And around the clock neurosurgeons, orthopedic general surgeons, plastic surgeons are also available who cater to all kinds of trauma patients.

There are around 15 modular operation theatres with latest equipment. There are all kinds of ICU's and intensive care units. And if we talk about intensive care units, then there are ICCU, ICU, CCU, MICU, NICU, PICU, all kinds of state-of-the-art facilities with emergency backups are available. Whatever you can think of, all the facilities are available in a good hospital.  We have made a chat community of WhatsApp, whose link I am putting in the description. You can join this community.

Your number will not be shared with anyone and you will not be able to see anyone's number. All the latest information related to need counseling will be shared with you.  So you can join this community. So this was our today's update related to Jaipur National University Medical College. If you want any other information, then you can contact us at the number given below or you can write in the comment box and tell us. How did you like this this article?

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How can I apply for admission to Mahatma Gandhi Medical College?

You can find detailed admission procedures and application forms on the official college website. For specific queries, you can contact the admission office at 18001806002 | 8107677888.

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various medical disciplines. Visit the official website or contact the college for detailed information on available courses.

To schedule a campus tour, get in touch with the college administration through the provided contact details. They will guide you on the available dates and provide insights into the campus facilities.

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