Sexsomnia: Understanding and Navigating Why It is So DANGEROUS

Published:Nov 13, 202311:32
Updated on:Nov 13, 2023
Sexsomnia: Understanding and Navigating Why It is So DANGEROUS

Explore the hidden dangers of sexsomnia in our comprehensive guide. Understand the intricate dynamics between sleep, sexuality, and the unconscious mind, and learn why this sleep disorder can pose unique risks. Navigate the complexities of sexsomnia for a deeper insight into its potential impact on relationships and well-being.

Hello friends, I am not kidding. In UK, a similar incident happened in the United Kingdom. Recently, in 2017, a 24-year-old British girl, Jade McRoss and Nethercott, went to her best friend's house to have a party with her friends.  And while the party was going on, she saw a sofa. After about three hours, when she finally woke up, she found out that she was lying naked below the waist and a boy was sitting next to her in a compromised position. Now you know what that means, right? And Jade also understood. 

I remember falling asleep and then I remember waking up and knowing that something had penetrated me, but I felt like violated. So what do you think? Did Jade get justice on this basis or not? Well, when her trial started in the court, just two weeks ago, a senior officer of the UK police called Jade personally  and told her that his case was not being sent to the court. He said they are dropping the case. The reason is that the day the case happened, according to both the statements of the accused and the offender, was due to Jade's innocence. Wait. What? What did just happen over here? 

Did we miss something?

We didn't miss anything. The offender's lawyer caught something extra. Please watch Jade's police interview. I have like, I don't know, I sleep talk and I sleep walk and I'm very much a deep sleeper and I have no recollect. Like my partner, when I snore, I go.  According to the accused's lawyer, Jade admitted indirectly that she has a sleep sex disorder called sexomnia. A disorder in which she did sexual intercourse with the accused herself. And then after waking up, she couldn't recollect what she did in her sleep. Now, if you are hearing about this disease for the first time, then I know you won't believe it. 

Exploring the Intricate Interplay of Sleep, Sexuality, and the Unconscious Mind

But according to sleep specialists, this is possible and this happens. According to the doctors, sexomnia is a disease of all categories of sleepwalking and sleep talking. Like a disease of all categories of parasomnia, in which a person is light from a deep non-rapid eye movement sleep. Which is a rapid eye movement sleep, when it is transmitted, it gets stuck between the two.  On one side, that person's brain keeps the parasympathetic nerves active in the third and last stage of his deep non-rem sleep.

Which by the way is responsible for sexual arousal and friendliness. But at the same time, it starts to grow randomly like a shallow REM sleep. And this means it's a deadly combination.  If you don't get to REM sleep, then the usual temporary paralysis of REM sleep won't stop you from performing your sexual dreams physically. You will start doing everything with a friendly body language and the other person will think that everything is happening because of you.

You are stuck and you are taking all the steps in your conscious voice.  For example, I will tell you about another recent case in which an American sexomaniac male used to perform oral sex in his sleep with his wife. But his wife didn't know that his husband was a sexomniac. He thought that his husband liked oral sex for many years. It was only while having normal conscious sex when his wife found out that he absolutely hates oral sex.

And then he found out that his husband was a sexomniac. That is to say, sexomniac makes you do the same thing which you usually don't like. Like, for example, giving permission to your own rape. So in the case of Jade, it's totally possible that Jade herself gave permission for sexual intercourse.  Or did she? I mean, yes, there are many cases in which sexomniacs did a lot of unknowingly.

In many cases, she shared her own children, siblings and friends with them. But this is still only half-truth, which has been spread because of the limited understanding of sexomnia. In reality, many times, sexomniacs are not detected due to unknowingly reasons.  That they can be understood thoroughly and actually it is quite normal for it to go unnoticed as well.

Because think for yourself. If you are a sexomniac, what is the chance that you will go and show a sleep specialist to him? Forget this, I will tell you an interesting fact.  Today in India, only 30% of males are like this, whose sperms are normal, which can be conceived by a woman as a child. In fact, according to AIM study, the sperms of Indian males are 60 million per ml and 20 million per ml in the last 30 years.

Low Testosterone

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First of all, unless you have a bed partner No one will wake up in the morning and tell you what you do in your sleep  And if you have a bed partner for once Even then, there are very few chances of you going to a sleep specialist for trouble Because maybe you will feel that you have done something in your sleep And you don't even remember it It's not such a big deal, right?  You will take this problem seriously when you or your partner Don't get any injury Like it happens in the case of sleep walkers And apart from all this, it is also a bit embarrassing That you are going to discuss your sleep sex disorder with a doctor And then our mind makes a hundred excuses to avoid this  And we are not ready to accept it as a problem Now what should a healthcare professional do in such a situation?

Because less patients means less research And less research means that many healthcare professionals remain less aware Or sometimes even totally unaware of this disorder Their situation is such that even if a patient comes to them tomorrow  They will not be able to accurately identify this issue And they use probably sexomniac, this phrase, criminal lawyers To make their client's case strong In fact, this is what happened in Jade's case Even after being a victim of heinous crime There was no guarantee of getting justice Because at least in the UK, rape related law is something like this  Their law on the one hand says that a sleeping person cannot give his consent He also says that an accused cannot be held guilty until he has a reasonable belief That he has been given consent I know, twisted laws, right?

But this is reality In her personal research, Jade found out that in the last 10 years  Sexomnia has become a common line of defence in the UK against sex crimes I have been looking back at previous rape cases And sexomnia has become increasingly more common as a line of defence Just tell me, did this crime occur in my sleep? And that's it, bye Zagbari Now how did western countries not rectify such a big loophole in their judicial system? 

Sexsomnia and the Need for Awareness in the Wake of Criminal Excuses

I don't know But we will have to find a solution as soon as possible Because recently a joint study of French doctors published in 2016 found that The participants of the study had done sexual assaults on two young girls And just like most criminals, they too had given the excuse of sexomnia  It was later during the study when the doctors found that Both of them do not show any such symptoms Which point towards sexomnia So were the criminals stupid? Well, we can say that But I think they had less knowledge about the disorder And that's why they were caught Probably they didn't know that sexomnia doesn't occur to anyone so suddenly  If you have a past history of sleeping or snoring Or if your current brain reading results in the following That you reach the third stage of your deep non-rem sleep And suddenly wake up in a confused way Then it is a sign that you might have sexomnia Now did they find these signs in both subjects? 

No Instead, in fact, the police report found out that Both of them had consumed alcohol before the assault All in all, they were never sexomniacs They were just using this disorder as an excuse to get away with their crime I know it's disgusting But this is just the beginning  To be honest, such cases happen every day And they can even successfully defend themselves And to be honest, I think this will continue Because in the future, every criminal will not be so stupid I think they should first commit a crime by saying sexomnia And then participate in the study related to sexomnia  Criminals will come up with new and clever ways to bypass the law And that's why the law will have to develop new ways It will have to be updated so that the criminals can't take advantage of it But here comes another question Is this just an issue of a country's law and order? 

Well, saying this means taking this disorder lightly Because the first case of sexomnia was reported in Singapore in the year 1986 And since then, even after so many years of modernization 100-200 cases have been reported in the world This means that the issue is not of law The issue is of lack of in-depth study  Without which, it is pointless to expect a sense of understanding or care from anyone Take the case of a 42-year-old Brazilian woman who was reported in 2015 Since 2005 Her husband used to masturbate, sexually moan, talk to her in her sleep, and call her name in his office.

But instead of taking her to some kind of health care professional, it was easier for her to doubt her husband. She kept saying that she had no affair with anyone, and that she didn't even remember what she used to say in her sleep.  But in this complicated situation, her husband didn't want to understand. He didn't believe her.

So what happened in the end? Well, in 2015, as a last resort, he took his wife to a sleep specialist. 

And guess what the sleep specialist said? Yup, they informed him that this is the result of a sleep-sex disorder, sexsomnia.  And it has nothing to do with reality. It's not necessary that you want to do what you do in reality.

The things you perform are more like random dreams. Meaning for 10 years, a person put his whole marriage at stake, but didn't consider consulting a sleep specialist. And when the water came out of his head as a last resort, this option was considered. 

And to be honest, this is what happens in many houses. Indian sexologist Dr. Arora also shared his experience and said that sometimes sexsomniacs come to him to ask for treatment for his disease. Not realising that it is a sleep disorder, not a sex disorder. Well, many people see it this way.  If you have a friend who has such symptoms and thinks it's a sexual disorder, then no, he should go to a sleep specialist. And maybe you should just share this video with him or her.

This is a strange sleep-sex disorder that despite being curable, has the power to ruin people's lives.  Well, having said that, on a serious note, I would like to take your opinion on this. Let's assume that unlike Jade's case, a sexsomniac male does sexual intercourse with a girl in his sleep and she finds it as rape. 

Whom should the law turn to? 

Because from the perspective of the accused, he had no control over what he did. And so he never had a criminal intention to perform the crime. But from the perspective of the victim, he made a mistake, didn't he? Now whether there is an intention or not, what difference does it make?  So technically, both the arguments are valid and this needs to be thought through to make a suitable law for it. Now what do you think from your perspective, friends? Should the accused have a criminal intention or the victim just because he suffered, then he should consider it as a crime and penalise the accused even though there was no criminal intention.  Whatever your opinion is, tell us in the comments section below.

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What is Sexsomnia?

Sexsomnia is a sleep disorder classified under parasomnias, where individuals engage in sexual activities during sleep without conscious awareness. It involves a complex interplay between deep non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep and the characteristics of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

Sexsomnia can manifest in various ways, such as sleep-related sexual behaviors like fondling, masturbation, or even sexual assault. Individuals with sexsomnia may act out their sexual dreams while still in a state of partial arousal and deep sleep, leading to activities that they might not engage in consciously.

Sexsomnia is considered a rare sleep disorder, and its prevalence is not well-established. It can affect individuals of any age or gender. While cases involving sexual behaviors with partners are more commonly reported, sexsomnia can also involve self-stimulation or even non-consensual actions toward others.

Treatment for sexsomnia depends on the severity and impact on the individual's life. In some cases, lifestyle changes, improved sleep hygiene, and stress management may help. For more severe cases, consultation with a sleep specialist or a healthcare professional may be necessary to explore therapeutic interventions or medications to manage the disorder. It's important to seek professional guidance to determine the most appropriate course of action based on individual circumstances.

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