Discover the Top 6 Best Unique Concept Web Series | Must-Watch Picks

Published:Nov 18, 202320:33
Discover the Top 6 Best Unique Concept Web Series | Must-Watch Picks
Top 6 Best Web Series

Explore a curated list of the top 6 most exceptional and unique concept web series that redefine storytelling. Dive into gripping narratives and innovative plots that push the boundaries of entertainment

Today, I'm going to share with you 7 great web series in which you will get to see a unique concept A completely different world, a completely different idea, a completely different execution You will get to see some of these series only in English, some in Hindi and some in English Which I will share with you.

1. Black Mirror 2011

Black Mirror (2011)

The name of today's first web series is Black Mirror and this series was released in 2011 If we talk about the story of this series, then there is no major story to be seen in it  It has multiple seasons and multiple episodes So in every episode, you get to see a different story and a different character

So if you don't know, then this series is called Anthology series and this is one of them All the episodes are not interconnected Whose story is not in a linear form, everyone has their own story 

So the big question is why should we see this one So I can only tell you that the imagination used in this show, the concept of every episode is of a different level Some episode will take you into the future, some will take you into the past Some will make you experience thrill, some will make you experience horror  Meaning psychological horror, not ghost horror

So every episode is unique in itself and if you watch it, then many people's show is also favorite in itself And that too maybe because it has a lot of variety, a lot of different episodes and a lot of different stories to see  Now because every episode of it is different, then you will get to see some good episodes Which you will say that it was fun You will also get to see some useless episodes which you will say that time has been wasted Those will vary from taste to taste But if you see the overall package, then it is definitely a very good show,

So if you haven't seen it yet, then seriously you are missing a masterpiece type show It is highly recommended in my opinion and only in my opinion because a lot of people have seen it Everyone will definitely recommend it for you to see But yes, I would definitely like to tell you that if you haven't seen the anthology series before  And if you watch it directly, then you might not like this show Because I know a lot of people who don't like to watch this type of series They like to watch linear stories So if you hope for this type of series, then you might not get to see it.

And you will get to see this show on Netflix in English It is not in Hindi, I wish it was, but it is not The next show is From and this show came in 2022 This show was amazing. 

2. Limitless 2015

Limitless (TV Series 2015–2016) - IMDb

Limitless And the first season of this show came in 2015 In this show, there is a 27-year-old man  Who gets a magic pill What does the magic pill do? It will open all the caps of the brain Its brain power will be used 100% So the person named Brian Finch in this show He uses the same pills and joins the FBI And helps in solving their cases in the FBI  So he uses these pills And solves their cases in this way It is fun to watch this show Many of you are thinking that this film called Limitless In 2011, there was a film called Limitless The concept of this show and that movie is the same And the problem is that that movie is only 1.5 hours  And you can watch it in English But this show is also available in Hindi And it is a very big show It has only one season and 22 episodes So you can say that in this show That pill is used in an extraordinary way So I will definitely recommend you to watch this show  You will get a great idea

You will get a great execution As I told you, it is available in Hindi Unfortunately, it is not available on any OTT So to watch it, you have to use the internet.

3. Manifest 2018

Manifest (TV Series 2018–2023) - IMDb

The name of this show is Manifest  This show was released in 2018 And in this show, you get to see time travel And you know that if you get to see time travel You get to see thrill, mystery and other levels If we talk about the story of the show There are about 190 to 200 passengers  Who board an airplane to reach a destination The story is a bit simple Let me add some interest When the plane flies in the air The plane lands slowly When the plane lands, they get to know That it has been 5.5 years of their lives When the plane lands 

They get to know that it has been 5.5 years And 5.5 years is not a small time frame It is a big time frame Good relationships change Good people move on So it is the same with them trying to figure out what happened to them, how did it happen, who did it or was it natural there wasn't much mystery in the story, all the passengers start connecting with each other they start linking with each other and they start giving strange sounds to them so what is happening with these people, what is happening with these passengers, what is the problem of the time frame  to know all this, friends, watch the show seriously, I am telling you, the show is going to make you very drunk but after this, it feels like there are a lot of episodes, there are a lot of big episodes and the drama is more focused because of which it starts to drag in the middle  but the one who gets to experience the mystery in it,

it covers all these things the interest in the show is always there if you haven't seen the show, you can watch it on Netflix and it is only available in English,

4. Under the Dome 2015

Under the Dome (2015) - IMDb

This show is Under the Dome  and this show came out in 2015 now the concept of this show is very strong it has an invisible wall that completely covers the city now that wall is so strong in itself that the people who are stuck in it are stuck in it and the people outside are not able to go inside it  in fact, if you try to run it, if something gets hit on it, then that thing gets completely destroyed it gets blasted completely, but still it doesn't get much heat on the dome so in this condition, you have to watch this show to know what the people of the city do  now let me tell you a small thing about this show because the show has a lot of great starting the way the dome comes, the way all the characters are introduced, it's fun to watch all that but as the story goes on, as the seasons go on, the episodes go on  the graph of this series starts to come down little by little I mean that the concept was taken very well in it, but it is not able to suck it completely it is not able to get that concept completely, a lot can be done in this show but it doesn't happen that much in this show  but still the idea, the concept of this show is very interesting so for that, if you want to consider watching it, then you can consider watching it I will not say this show is highly recommended, but yes,

I can definitely recommend it it will make you spend a lot of time to watch it  and the good thing is that you can watch this show in Hindi, it is available on Prime Video.

5. The Expense 2015

The Expanse (TV Series 2015–2022) - IMDb

The Expense this show came in 2015, what a wonderful sci-fi show, I am telling you seriously  in the story of this show, a lot settles in the future where the people of our planet have become very mobile I mean, they have become mobile, I mean, they can roam freely anywhere in the middle of the planets and a lot of people have started living on Mars leaving the earth  but living on the planet is still understandable in this show humans have started living on the asteroid belts now because humans are divided into two planets so like there is heat in the country, there is heat in the middle of both the planets and in the middle of this heat, there was a detective who was looking for a girl to solve the case  and he comes to know that a big conspiracy is being prepared between the two planets so now what does this detective do, does he get that girl or not and what is the conspiracy, you will get all this in the show the show is amazing, I mean, I am telling you seriously  you will get to experience the mystery, you will get to see the visuals of science fiction so highly recommended in my opinion, do watch it unfortunately, this show is not available in Hindi it is only available in English so if you are comfortable in English, then try it you will not be disappointed at all  in fact, it may be one of the favorite shows, let's move on to the next show and this show is going to be the best show of this article

6. The Haunting 2018

The Haunting of Hill House (TV Mini Series 2018) - IMDb

I have saved it for last the name of this show is The Haunting of Hill House and this show came out in 2018  and this is a horror based mystery show I mean, there is no horror element in all of them but you will get to experience horror in this show and you will get to see such horror scenes that you can pick up any movie,

you will not get to see those movies in any of them  what happens in other movies is that there are jumpscares we get scared when we see them but in this show, that thing goes to the next level you just get to hear the jumpscare and not get scared you actually get to experience horror in this show talking about the story, we are shown two timelines in this show  one is the present and the other is the past of the 1990s and we are shown in the 1990s how a crane family shifts into the house the name of the show is Hill House now the family moves into the house thinking that they will get it renovated and sell it at a high price  but after reaching the house such horrifying things start happening with them that literally kills us too the things that have happened with them in the house their present timeline is influencing them to that point now what is happening with them I will not go into detail about them because the fun of the show can be to some extent bad  so I will say that you should definitely watch this show it is a thing to experience I have also seen a lot of shows but the storytelling of some shows is so unique that it doesn't let you move away from the screen every episode ends in this way that you get curiosity for the next episode  and the best part is that the next episode gets to the next level overall this show is a very tough package highly highly highly recommend I have said it three times you can understand how intense it will be I haven't said it three times for any other show so do watch this show  if you haven't watched it yet you can watch this show on Netflix the best part is that it is also available in Hindi earlier it was only in English earlier it was not in Hindi when I watched it,

you have any such show in your mind which explores a unique concept then do let us know in the comment section below and tell our community.

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