Honda HRV-S Owner Review: Insightful Reflections After 1 Year of Use

Published:Nov 15, 202301:00
Honda HRV-S Owner Review: Insightful Reflections After 1 Year of Use

Hello Guys, We are here to have a very quick, casual conversation of this car that I've actually been driving for almost a year now. 

So I just hit 10 thousand kilometers and in today's video like I said it's going to be a casual conversation about what I think is really nice about the Honda H RV. It's the aspect by the way and also a couple of things that I did not really like. And yeah. I did do a couple of modifications to the car itself, so I'll share a bit more about that as well. Alright.


So first and foremost I think I should share a few the couple of modifications that I've done to the Honda Herb again. A reminder this is the S and my first modification is actually in terms of of wheels. Now it came with the 17 inch rims because this is the lowest BI model and I felt that the wheels were just a bit too small, so I upgraded it to the 18 inch.

You know, just have a bit of a personalized touch and I also changed the tires to the ultra contact from continent. Overall. I would say that the tires didn't give me an entirely new experience in terms of grip. It felt very similar to the stock tires, but the 18 inch wheels definitely look way better and mix the entire car stand out a little bit more.

I moving onto the second thing, which is actually on the roof itself now. This is where I actually wrapped the roof in black and I think for this I wanted to have sort of like a twotone kind of color for the H RV itself. So that's why I wrap it on the black and the third mod is actually happening under the car. Now I'll show you a quick clip about that, but I noticed that when I was driving the HRV there was a lot of body roll. So I went to Super Circuit and actually got a couple of bars that we have attached at the bottom and it actually made the driving experience a little bit better. I wouldn't say that.

It totally changes the entire driving experience but definitely I would notice that there's a little bit lesser body ro, especially when you go on the corners the 4th thing and I think this is actually one of the main, a very important one and that's actually in terms of the dash cam on the inside alright. So in terms of the dash cam I thought we should hit inside and take a closer look now basically I'm using the 70 my dash cam four K 8 and and what I like about it is that it comes with the front and the rear and number two it's four K. That means that all the footages that it captures is actually super clear. Now I did a couple of tests just to show you guys as a reference. We have a footage from Daytime. We also have the night and we have Rainy which is actually a very constant weather that we have here in Malaysia. And the good news here is that with the footage here you'll be able to see everything very clearly.

You are able to see the number plates very clearly as well because that's the most important thing if something happens. And more importantly, it comes with that adesk feature which is actually very similar to Honda Sensing. Now my car has Honda Sensing and you would know that when you are too close to a car, it will give you some caution. Precautionary notes. It will tell you when theres ride it it quite near and also when the car ahead a you moves at a red light or green light, then it will actually give you a notification that prompt you to move as well. So I found that all these features were available in the 70. My 8. Eight and and again this is actually the exact thing that's on my car. So it's like having Honda Sensing on a different vehicle. You want to hard wire the kit to your car. You can also do that for the constant recording of footage, even if you are not driving the car. Say, for example, you park your car at the airport, but with the four G kit you will be able to see the footage from the car itself wherever you are so that's pretty cool as well.

Alright guys. So now that I've shown you the mods let me talk a bit about that one yearar user experience and what I really think about the HRS back.

Now if you recall about a year ago I did the first video on this car and I think a lot of those thoughts I do maintain up to today.

First of all I think we should share a bit about the driving experience. How do I feel like driving this car after the 10 thousand kilometers mileage? I would say that just in terms of power, definitely because this is an spike model. So there's not a lot of power every time you try and hit the PAL and you try to overtake other cars. It's not going to be that easy. It's quite challenging. I would say in fact, in terms of the top speed, obviously you guys already know it's not going to be super fast. But I would say that running back to Pinang.

Constantly was actually quite seamless. It's very, very smooth. It's just that the power is not that enough. And let's say sometimes you want to overtake like even my vs. On the road. Is it going to be a bit more challenging and you have to really press the peddle all the way to the ground and it's going to be very, very noisy. So just the first thing in terms of the comfort.

How does it really feel like inside the car?

Well, my vehicle here is actually covered in all fabric, so the fabric seats are actually fairly comfortable. They're not that hot and it's actually a very comfortable space on the inside like I've been ferrying my parents, so they do feel it very comfortable at the back as well. They like the fact that it's more higher, so comfortwise is actually quite alright and again not to forget the rear seats. The middle section is not really for anyone to sit. I will consider this a strictly far sister because the middle section just to remind you is super bulky. It's very hot and it's not recommended to see anyone at all. So that's just in terms of the comfort.

Now the third thing we should mention here is in terms of the fuel efficiency or fuel consumption alright, so in terms of the field consumption. I think this really depends on the individual and how they really drive their car for me. Personally, I'm not having a great FC over here and I think that's also partly because I changed the rims from 17 to 18. So I noticed that the FC actually kind of dropped. But just to give you a bit of a reference if you just check the meter inside.

My personal driving star gets me about 11 to 12 kilometers per li. I don't think there's a lot. I think that's actually quite little and some people might think that I'm fluting the paddle all the time. I do think I'm always in a rush, so that probably results in my 11 to 12 kilometer per liter. Last but not least in terms of storage OK. So you might notice that the car is quite big. I was actually able to fit in a lot of stuff. I was actually firing four huge wheels because I changed the rims and you could fit all in there. I think the storage is great, but there's one thing that I must highlight here and that's because we have a sloping, you know, like this rear area.

So you can't really place high objects at the back. So this is something that you should probably think of as well, but otherwise.

Storage wise is definitely a great car for that. Oh, there's one thing that I don't really like about the H. RV and I think this applies to all specifications and that is actually the rear doors. Now. Check this out. The front doors are actually very heavy, they're very solid, but for the rear you really have to slam it to get it close. If you just like lightly push it.

It doesn't really close properly.

So yeah. I don't really like the rear. Do it's just so?

So annoying sometimes to close it. But yeah, this just my thoughts. At the end of the day, am I happy with the Honda H. RVS spec? Well. I would say that I'm okay with it. I wouldn't say that I'm super satisfied. Overall, it's quite a decent car to drive.

For the price that I got it for back then, it was really a afford bon. I even had a discount. I would say that the driving experience is okay. Comfortwise is okay as well. Definitely. I would have wished I have additional budget to get like the VS bank because that would be even more powerful. But otherwise I think the little mods that I have done to the car itself has made it more personalized and suits my style a bit more. And I still like the look of the overall you know aspect version, especially the grill at the front, which is different from the V because it looks more minimalist for the HRS.

So that's pretty much my thoughts on this car. If you have any questions that you would like to know about the Honda H RV, the S spec specifically do let me know down in the comment sections below. I'll try my best to help you guys out. 

You want to see more content like this and hello for seeing you guys in the next one. Do take care and stay safe. Bye bye.

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