Top 5 Male And Female Black Anime Characters !

Published:Feb 15, 202404:40
Top 5 Male And Female Black Anime Characters !

The hype of anime characters are on its peak but majority of the fans agree that there is a lack of racial diversity. There are lots of characters from various racial backgrounds that are completely uncommon in anime but few franchise are already becoming more inclusive. So many male & female black anime characters have already appeared in several old school shows but few are really controversial because of their looks and portrayal.

You will find various shows are out there on road that includes more black characters and already representing them in a more respectful way. These characters are considered as memorable and are some of the amazing characters in the world of anime.  Plenty of POC characters are already initiating to appear in the world of anime but it is still a pretty small pool. However, fans can easily rejoice that so many black characters have started to appear in the modern anime shows in a positive way.

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Best Female Black Anime Characters

There is no doubt in the fact that there are so many black fans are out there for Japanese anime. If you are also black anime characters lover then you must read following important paragraphs carefully.

S.A.M (Cannon Busters)

S. A.M has become one of the most popular and main characters of the Cannon Busters. The best thing about such anime character is that she is high-end robot who was already separated from her best friend. This is one of the most popular black anime character girl who was mainly programmed for the friendship only. S.A.M is really loyal and outgoing to those she registers as friends. Such an amazing character always holds an naive and innocent outlook on life. In the finale of series, it also depicts that S.A.M has no proper control over who her really best friend is. 

Miyuki Ayukawa (Basquash!)

Miyuki Ayukawa is also amazing black anime character of Basquashi series.She is also main member of the Basquash team and her childhood friend is DAN JD. No one can overlook the contribution of Miyuki to Dan and his team are very large and he must be feel grateful that someone is really beautiful as Miyuki is helping him. She is really most beautiful character who always happy to help out and keep their Big Foots up and running.

Coffee (Cowboy Bebop)

When it comes to amazing and popular black anime character then Coffee is foremost name that comes on the top. She is most gorgeous character who left a lasting impression. Make sure that you are watching the cowboy bebop where she last a great best impression. She also found herself in strange situation revolving around the duo. 

Claudia LaSalle (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross)

If you are searching for a well-written and 80s anime character then you must consider Claudia LaSalle. She is well-designed character who is much better than POC characters which came during this decade. Claudia is supporting character in the super dimension fortress macross.  The job of Claudia is really stressful but she always remains professional and confident. Her relationship with the Roy was really great until his death. She was very loyal character who was also doing hard work in his life.

April (Darker Than Black)

April is considered as most iconic and beautiful character for her looks alone.  The looks of such character is unique. Hair colour of April is really unique that is light blue. She always wear a fur-lined jacket with beautiful pink color on her lips. Undoubtedly, April is deadly character because she can easily create strong winds and hurricanes.



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