Adult Game Review: Become a Rockstar by Mr. Jet

Published:Dec 15, 202306:57
Adult Game Review: Become a Rockstar by Mr. Jet
Rating: 3.5/5

Hi, I'm Tom, and welcome to Adult Game Reviews! Today, I delve into "Become a Rockstar" by Mr. Jet. This AVN caught my eye with its promising visuals and unique storyline.

The Good

This game stands out visually among AVNs, rivaling even top-notch titles like Fresh Women. The character designs and expressions provided an abundance of impressive screenshots for me—something rare in many games of this genre.

The premise itself is captivating. You play a wealthy heir rebelling against a family business to pursue music stardom. It's an intriguing setup for an AVN, promising a blend of wealth, talent, and romantic endeavors. The diverse love interests added depth to the narrative, making me genuinely curious about their personalities.

Choosing a specific love interest and sticking with her unlocked different storylines, making the game highly replayable. The endings, although I only explored a few, were surprisingly heartwarming.

Regarding explicit content, the renders are top-notch, and the inclusion of animations—while initially goofy—improved over time. The game offers a considerable amount of adult content for those interested.

The Bad

However, the writing style didn't resonate with me. The overly formal and polite tone made interactions feel like prolonged small talk, hindering deeper character connections.

Considering it's a game about a rock band, the music felt lacking. Repetitive tracks, even during crucial band performances, diminished the immersive experience. Adjusting the music volume helped reveal some basic sound effects initially overshadowed.

The character development was shallow, with minimal growth and depth, leaving several characters feeling underdeveloped and superficial.


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The Weird

There were numerous events in the game that seemed disconnected or served as unnecessary fillers, adding little value to the main plot.

In conclusion, while "Become a Rockstar" presents a fantastic concept and visuals, the shortcomings in dialogue, storytelling, and music detracted from its potential. It's disappointing when a promising idea falls short due to execution. If you've played this game, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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