Google Pixel 8 Pro Review: Unveiling the Power of Innovation

Published:Nov 15, 202301:10
Updated on:Nov 19, 2023
Google Pixel 8 Pro Review: Unveiling the Power of Innovation

Explore the cutting-edge features and performance of the Google Pixel 8 Pro in this comprehensive review. Discover how innovation meets excellence in this latest addition to the Pixel series, providing an in-depth look at its design, camera capabilities, and overall user experience.

Hello, I want to share a you something a bit about the Google Pixel 8 Pro that I've been using for almost two weeks now. So in today's video it might be slightly longer than usual. There might not be a lot of B rows, a lot of rows of the phone itself, but in today's video I just want to share a few my thoughts. 

After using this device, a couple of my personal experiences from this XOA process, let's begin right away now in today's video. I want to talk a little bit about the things that I felt worked for me and a couple of stuff that didn't really work for me with this device. So let's start off with the good things, what really worked, and of course, the number one thing that really worked for me is actually the cameras at the back. Now I'm not going to go into the amount of megapixels that the camera has, but what I can tell you is that the camera is actually very capable again. It surprised me every time you know. Google releases a new Pixel phone. So I took a lot of photos back in my trip in Korea and I liked something.


And that is actually the optical zoom here very, very much because the amount of detail they was able to capture with that five times zoom is just insane guys other than that. With this software all around, you know it makes the overall picture does look even better than what you would expect from these arrivals. So very, very impressed with the cameras at the back. It's not just that five times zoom overall, the entire experience with the cameras on the pixel of eight Pro is actually very, very good. I did post a couple of shots on my Instagram res about this one. If you want to see more about those zooming capabilities, you can go and check that out there. So that's the cameras. The second thing that really impressed me is actually the design.

Now previously I wasn't a fan of the Pixels design. I know that Google is going with sort of like a common identity for all their Pixel phones moving forward, so we do have that strip at the back.

In fact, the first time I took a look at the pictures itself. I wasn't too keen on the design. I did not particularly like the blue version. I just felt that it didn't look my kind of color, but but but this particular color guys, i think this is definitely the kind of color that I will rock and the back panel here obviously is made of MA materials. It's the kind that doesn't capture any fingerprints whatsoever, so it's super smooth all the time and I barely even use a case so far. It's been holding up really well now on my previous Pixel Seven Pro without using a case. The camera module at the back here actually got scratched up pretty easily. I think it got scratched just like two or three days after using it. But this one here is actually. I think, more durable. I'm not sure what they did to change the materials, or maybe it's still the same. But somehow it didn't scratch as easily as I thought. Because even without using a case for the entire two weeks in Korea.

Everything still looks brand new so that's definitely good there and again take a look at these color guys. I think it just looks fantastic. The official case that came with it is also very nice at touch. It just feels very, very premium and all that. So yeah, that's the second thing that I really thought worked for me on the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Now moving on to the third item that really worked for me here and that is actually quite a surprising one and that's actually the battery life guys. So I'm actually quite impressed with this battery life I was using it on in Korea, mainly for navigating the maps, taking a lot of photos, videos using my social media. I've logged into all my accounts on this device here and it's actually held up pretty well like, for instance, the entire day went by.

I was using it heavily and by the end of the day I actually still had like 30 to 40 percent remaining. I did not actually check the screen on time, so I can't give you a fixed number. But what I can say is that the battery line did help up very well now moving on to the 4th and final thing that worked really well for me and that's actually in terms of the software. Now I'm sure a lot of you already know that we have this like sort of stock Android.

On the Pixel Eight Pro it works very nicely. It's super fast, super quick. Everything that you other navigation on the phone itself is so smooth. I've used a ton of Android smartphones and this one, the smoothness levels on the Pixel April is just next level. Now let's move on to the parts that I did not really like. All I should say did not really work for me, but you guys might not actually find it annoying at all al right. So let's start off with the first one and that's actually the buttons on the right now. Just take a look at this try and listen to the sound here. Guys these sound the way.

These buttons are made somehow feels like it's not that hectare. I'm not sure how to say it, but it doesn't feel that good. It feels like it's sort of made in a cheap plastic kind of material, so the buttons didn't really work for me and I still couldn't really get used to the lock button being on top.

Of the volume rocker usually on other phones is either the other way around or you either have one button on the left and one on the right. So again that's just a personal preference. Now the second thing that didn't really work for me is actually the face unlock. So somehow the indiplayed fingerprint scanner did not really work very well like there were a lot of misses and the face unlock. I registered my face like twice, and sometimes the phone just wouldn't unlock right now. The third thing that didn't really work for me. I would say, is actually in terms of the display. I'm not sure where I read that the brightness levels was actually supposed to be one of the highest. But again in Korea, where I was just walking around the street, is trying to take photos. I noticed that the brightness wasn't particularly bright.

It was not to the level where you could take photos very easily. Sometimes I couldn't really see the display, and I'm not sure if it's my unit, but just the brightness levels were not strong enough. Other than that, the display is actually perfect. Everything is very smooth. It's just the brightness level that is affecting me a little bit now, the last thing that did not really work for me. I think it's actually in terms of the STE speakers. Now this is a small problem, because I don't really.

Listen to music on the phones because itself very often. But I noticed that the volume wasn't very loud when I was just trying to play some social media like know like tiktok and Instagram res. I noticed that the volume dis wasn't as high as I would expect it on other phones, so it's just not that high. But obviously most of the time I use earphones anyway. So it's just a small problem that you know bu me a little bit.

So at the end of the day how can I sum up the experience with the Pixel Eight Pro? Well, definitely. I would say that this is still a phone that I love very much, and this is something that I might actually want to keep and use. So that's saying a lot because I do have a lot of Android phones. The entire experience is still something that I would recommend to people looking to get a Pixel phone. If someone asked me like it's my feeling positive or negative for the Pixel April. I would say that it's definitely on the positive sides. There's a lot of love about this one guys, especially the new colorway, which I think this works very well. So yeah, that's my thoughts on the Pixel April Pro. Oh, one final thing that did not really work for me is actually the price guys. The Pixel April Pro now is so expensive.

And it's probably due to the currency rate here in Malaysia. Malaysia's ringgate is not really trading very well and again it depends on which country you're from. Maybe your pixel Eight Pro is more affordable at where you are at, but here in Malaysia is definitely not cheap, and I'm not sure even if the Five G works on every single network out there. So please don't qui me on that.

With that it thank you for watching today's video to the end. Let me Know Your Thoughts on the Pixel April.

If you have any tips on how I can enhance my overall user experience, please, I'm always looking to learn something from you guys as well. 

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