OnePlus Open Folding Phone is a fresh take on the foldable phone.

Published:Nov 15, 202311:01
OnePlus Open Folding Phone is a fresh take on the foldable phone.

Discover the future of smartphone innovation with the OnePlus Open Folding Phone. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge technology that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Experience the next evolution in mobile communication with the OnePlus Open Folding Phone.

Here it is, we've got it. The new OnePlus Open Folding Phone. Actually, I've got a couple of them in different colors here. And you know it's OnePlus when you see the red and black iconic packaging.

We also see on the front of the package here that the Hasselblad partnership is intact.  Now, when I showed you guys that kind of early look at the new OnePlus Folding Phone, I was kind of restricted on what I could show off in that video. Some of the design elements were kind of obscured. This, on the other hand, is the full deal. This is the retail packaging.  We're gonna learn what's inside the box, what the device looks like.

This one here, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB storage, and in Emerald Dusk.

The other package I've got Voyager Black, otherwise the specification is the same.

Something interesting I discovered, the Emerald Dusk is slightly heavier than the Voyager Black.  So something to do with that finish, which gives you that nice color and texture, actually gives you a little bit more weight as well. And then on the Voyager Black, you've got this, what they're calling vegan leather texture on the back. But let's start with the green version. Now obviously this is OnePlus's first folding device,  and I'm happy to see more players in the folding device game. Obviously this means more options for the customer. Look at the unboxing experience, lovely stuff.

They've of course got their saying in the center there, never settle. And here is the device. And yes, it is nice and slim. 

Now we can show you the camera module, and we can also appreciate the legitimate 3X zoom lens that's on there, which not currently an option on other folding smartphones. We see it on other flagship smartphones, but not on other folding smartphone. The other exciting part is on the main camera sensor,  where they're using Sony's Litya sensor. It is a pixel stack sensor, and OnePlus claims it'll give similar performance to Sony's one inch sensor. I think they didn't want to compromise on cameras, even though it was a folding phone.

Now something else you're gonna notice, the way that this glass sits over top of the lenses,  it sits over top of all the different camera units, creating one flush surface. They're calling it a depth vacuum, a legitimate gap in there between the two on purpose to kind of simulate the experience of like a luxury watch or something. You can see the components underneath, but they are protected by this overlay that sits on top,  and it gives you a flush finish rather than each individual camera unit bulging independently. The flash occupies the very top corner. Here we have a look at their external display.

The entire device is IPX4, so it will be splash resistant, and they put a lot of work into the hinge  in order to eliminate components. In the past, these hinges can be north of a hundred plus pieces. They've got the number down to 69 total parts. They've also worked on the construction of the device and the materials in use in order to make it more lightweight. OnePlus claims that this device is basically the same weight  as an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Now obviously, the 14 Pro Max is a heavy device as far as non-folding devices are concerned, but it's still impressive to have a complete folding device coming in at the same weight as a non-folding one, which is what they were able to achieve here.  Maybe it's a good time to talk about cameras. The main sensor, 48 megapixel, so that is that Lydia pixel-stacked sensor. And then we've also got the 3X zoom is a 70 millimeter focal distance, which is good for portrait photos. And then the ultra wide comes in at 14 millimeters,  which is actually kind of nice. I'm curious to see how this stacks up to other flagships, not just other folding phones.

We have our fingerprint scanner over here on the right. The alert slider is back and it's larger than it has been previously. A lot of people were upset  when OnePlus toyed with the idea of no alert slider. Well, here it is, and it is tactile, it is textured, and it is satisfying. We have our volume rocker, which is also quite large, and that sits right beside the alert slider. USB type C on the bottom of the device,  that is going to recharge from one to 100%, this battery here, in around 42 minutes, according to OnePlus.

So you've got 67 watt SuperVOOC charging, and the battery size is just over 4,800 milliamp hours in a dual cell setup to allow for that extremely speedy recharge. The other thing I should mention,  you can see some of the speaker grills here. They do have a triple speaker spatial setups.

They're also talking about, from a media consumption standpoint, how the audio experience is gonna be. The other thing I should mention here, I was curious how the display would look on top of the hinge portion. 

I mean, every folding phone needs to fold somewhere. This variety, we've seen so many different approaches to hinge construction. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks, but this agenda recently has been to diminish the significance or the appearance of a crease when you've got it unfolded. And considering the fact that I don't have  the screen turned on right now, I'd say it's actually pretty impressive what they've been capable of achieving. Front-facing camera, when you have the display unfolded, it's in the top right corner here. That's gonna be a 20 megapixel capable camera. Also in the package.

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