India's ICC CWC 2023 Final Loss: reasons behind the Men in Blue's ICC CWC final loss

Published:Nov 20, 202300:20
Updated on:Nov 20, 2023
India's ICC CWC 2023 Final Loss: reasons behind the Men in Blue's ICC CWC final loss
Three reasons why India lost the World Cup

The pitch for the final in Ahmedabad was slightly on the slower side, and drier as well. In the first innings, Australia made full use of this by bowling cutters into the pitch and taking away any pace India could have used to their advantage.

Friends, the hearts of crores of cricket fans are broken because even after playing like a champion, we were not able to become a champion in the World Cup. In the final, we had to face a loss against Australia.

Many people are trolling PM Modi after this loss that as soon as PM Modi reached to watch the match, our wickets started to fall,  PM Modi proved to be a role model for the team and india lost the final of the World Cup.

Many people are trolling PM Modi about the fact that when the team India match was losing, then PM Modi was laughing with Amit Shah. While some people were arguing that whether India lost or won for PM Modi is just a matter of self-promotion.  Modi is responsible for this loss nor are the players of our cricket team responsible. Neither the game is responsible.

For this, BCCI and Jai Shah, who are the rulers of cricket,  who made the tournament of ICC a tournament of BCCI. Till now, the people of other countries had been accusing like this. Today, people like us are forced to say because many things are not said in victory. But when there is a loss, then its explanation is done.

What did the team India suffer today? 

It suffered the most as the pitch was made regarding the final. You must have never seen such a pitch in the final of the World Cup.

On which the ballerina yearns for each and every run. Many people will give logic that the pitch on which team India played, Australia also made a sacrifice.  Those who understand cricket can understand what kind of pitch was made. And what was the difference between making a sacrifice in the day and Australia making a sacrifice at night.

About the pitch

You see this tweet of the game reporter Vikrant Gupta. Vikrant Gupta is a senior reporter.  The country listens to cricket fans in the world. Vikrant Gupta said that this pitch is not dry. This is a very very dry pitch.

That is, a very dry wicket. And this is the reason that when the Indian team was playing in the day, then he also saw this tweet of Harsha Bhogle.  Harsha Bhogle wrote that I may have seen the cup for the last time. I do not remember that not a single pitch was scored in the 29th hour. So this kind of pitch was on which even aggressive players like Surya Kumar Yadav also yearned for each and every run.  Because the BCCI and the commanders who run the cricket thought that a dry wicket should be made to win in the final.

Because our spin is good. So Australia can get stuck there. But the toss ruined the whole game. Our first sacrifice came. In the day, the pitch was difficult for the sacrifice.

Because as the game got older, the reverse swing was also doing, the spin was also doing. But as soon as we went to play under light, Australia's sacrifice came. So the aus started to fall. And as people understand cricket or you must have heard the cricket expert. So as the aus falls, the dry wicket, the dryness of the wicket ends.  The gain starts to come on the ball. Skid comes.

Neither spin happens nor reverse swing happens. This is the reason that Australia took advantage of it and we lost the final match. Just because of a bad pitch. Because we tried the trick. And why is this wrong? Many people will say that what is wrong in taking a home advantage.

Friends, we cannot take this home advantage. This was not our tournament. This is the tournament of ICC. But because more than 90% of the money goes to the countries who play cricket than BCCI. So in a way, BCCI and ICC have become one. Or you can say that we play the most in ICC.  That is why such a pitch was prepared for the final.

Which was heavy on us. The question arises that when our team is so good. They make such a batting wicket that our team gives 400 runs. We have such a good batting line-up. So why do we need such a pitch?  We have the tendency to defeat any team on any wicket. If there was a good batting pitch. Then our team would have made a big score. Then even if the oz fell, our gain bars would have managed. But we played such a bad pitch during the day. That it became difficult to make one run for our batting.  This is the reason that we lost the match because of this trick.

People like BCCI and Jay shah who play cricket. The way they are ready to do everything according to themselves. That is what happened to us today. This is a bitter reality. What do you think is the reason for the defeat in the final?  Do give your opinion in the comment box. If you like our article. Then use the option of thanks and Subscribe our newsletter.

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