Vae Victis: Khan Adult Game - First Review

Published:Jun 27, 202415:07
Updated on:Jun 27, 2024
Vae Victis: Khan Adult Game - First Review
Vae Victis: Khan Adult Game - First Review

Hi, Every week I stream games, and based on my streams, I decide if a game is worth a full review or not. Welcome to my first impressions review of Vae Victis by Doornob22. So let's get into it.


Vae Victis has been on my list for a while because it looked like more than just a straight visual novel. You play the MC, who has been imprisoned by the Queen of the Land, who is also your mother. Your father, the current Khan or ruler of the land, has been murdered, and your mother has framed you for his death. She is making a play for power and doesn't want you as a rival. This is a pretty common trope.

Story and Characters

The future ruler is killed or imprisoned so someone else can take power. I mean, I immediately thought of Gladiator. The first thing I noticed was the renders looked pretty dated. The MC is pretty dumb but surprisingly self-aware about it, and the writing at the very beginning was pretty awkward. However, the writing did get better. If I hadn't been streaming this, I probably would have stopped playing there and moved on to another game. But because I kept playing, I found out there's a lot more to Vae Victis than what I first thought. There is Kingdom Management and Turn-Based Combat.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Turn-Based Combat is rock-paper-scissors style. The Kingdom Management is the most intriguing part for me. You try to take back the kingdom from your mother, and each territory you're trying to conquer is its own contained visual novel, which is a fantastic idea. Each of the love interests is unlocked by conquering a new area. This opens up so many possibilities for love interests and nice little contained stories.


While there were some visible flaws that may turn you off, I feel like Vae Victis does require a full review. I will be doing a full review of Vae Victis at some point in the future. Right now, it's on version 0.11, which according to the developer, is about 20 hours of content. Version 0.11 still sounds like it's pretty early in development, which means I will likely wait for it to get a bit further along before I check back in.

If you haven't seen my first impressions of Pocket Waifu Rekindled, you can check that out right here. Thanks again. Until next time.

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