Top 10 Lavish Birthday Gifts Virat Kohli Received from Indian Cricketers

Published:Nov 21, 202322:55
Updated on:Dec 19, 2023
Top 10 Lavish Birthday Gifts Virat Kohli Received from Indian Cricketers

Top 10 lavish birthday gifts they bestowed upon Virat Kohli. Delve into a world of opulence and thoughtfulness in this curated collection of grand gestures.

King Kohli is now 35 years old. He is just lost World Cup. But still, this birthday was very special for him. And he celebrated this birthday with his family and Indian cricket team. His pictures went viral on social media. And along with Baby Vamik and Anushka, everyone gave Virat Kohli a birthday gift.  In today's article, we will talk about Virat Kohli's birthday gifts. So don't forget to wish him a birthday in the comment box. 

Anushka Sharma is currently busy in her new film shoot.  But she has reached Virat Kohli with all her work. And a surprise grand party has been thrown for her.

And she also gifted him a Gucci backpack, which was priced at 10 lakh rupees. Baby Vamika's gift was very special for Virat. For her, being with Vamika was no less than a present. 

Baby Vamika gifted Virat Kohli a chocolate basket on her birthday, which was priced at 1 lakh rupees. Gayle Rahul and Athiya Shetty attended King Kohli's party. And gave them a platinum bracelet, which was priced at 2 lakh rupees. Dhanashree Virat couldn't attend his birthday.

But she and Yashvendra gifted Virat a perfume basket on his birthday, which was priced at 6 lakh rupees. 

Mahi Bhai may have retired from cricket. But he is very close to Virat.

And he also attended Virat's birthday party. And gave him a gold chain, which was priced at 5 lakh rupees.

King Kohli, the king of cricket, couldn't attend his birthday. But through social media handles, he gave him a lot of congratulations.  And also gave him sunglasses, which were priced at 4 lakh rupees.

King Shah Rukh Khan of Bollywood also gave Kohli a birthday wish. 

And also gifted him an idol of God, so that he could get courage and win the world cup. 

The well-known name of the Indian cricket team, Jaspreet Pumra, is also very close to Virat. And he gifted Virat a leather jacket on his birthday, which was priced at 7 lakh rupees. All-rounder Hardik Pandya and Natasha Stankovic also gave Kohli a very special gift. They gifted Virat a diamond bracelet on his birthday, which was priced at 10 lakh rupees. 

Virat's parents consider themselves proud parents. And there is no doubt that Virat always makes his parents feel proud.

His parents couldn't attend his birthday. But they gifted Virat a gold-plated bat, which was priced at 20 lakh rupees. So friends, these were the expensive birthday gifts of King Kohli. 

Which one of these gifts did you like the most? 

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