6 Secret Tips To Increase IQ Level

Published:Nov 11, 202323:36
6  Secret Tips To Increase IQ Level

Discover the hidden strategies to elevate your intelligence! Explore 7 proven tips that can enhance your IQ level and cognitive abilities. Unleash your full mental potential today.

Hello Friends, to get a good score in any exam you need a healthy and sharp mind A mind that can remember all the information But the sad thing is that there are very few people whose brain power is extraordinary But what if I say that after following the things told in this video  you will also come in the list of sharp-minded people You will top in every exam and you can get everything on your sharp mind So if you want to know how you can increase your IQ level, memory power and brain power then read complete article till the end  Today we will add great value to your life So let's begin

1. Get enough sleep Friends. 

Most of the students compromise in sleep They study all night But this is not good for your mind and health This is not good at all because our body gets repaired in sleep  Information enters the long-term memory The glory of sleep is unparalleled So if you are a student or a board or preparing for a competitive exam then I will recommend you to take at least 8 hours of sleep Apart from this, do not study late at night Sleep only at night, do not sleep during the day  And do not use your mobile even an hour before going to sleep The blue light coming out of the mobile disturbs the sleep hormones.

2. Do exercise regularly.

There is no doubt that exercise plays an important role in keeping our body healthy Exercise increases the blood flow in your body  and if the blood flow increases, then oxygen can reach every cell And if it comes to increasing brain power According to science, aerobic exercises like walking, running, jogging are no less than a blessing for the human brain So if you are a student, then do at least 15 minutes of running daily  This will not only increase your brain power but also reduce your stress level.

3. Do anulom vilom daily. 

Anulom vilom activates both hemispheres of the brain That's why you have to do anulom vilom daily So for this, sit in any comfortable sitting position keeping the spine straight Close the right nostril, take a deep breath from the left nostril  and then close the left nostril and leave the breath taken from the right nostril Do the same process with the right nostril In fact, when a person takes a breath from the left nostril, then the right part of the brain is activated and when a person takes a breath from the right nostril  then the left part of the brain is activated.

4. Eat right food. 

To drive a car, Pou need petrol Similarly, your body and mind is also a car which needs a balanced diet a diet in which all nutrients are in a good amount If you do all the things mentioned in the video  But if you eat junk food then definitely it will affect your brain power Similarly, all the ingredients in which omega 3 fatty acid vitamin E is in a good amount can increase the efficiency of your brain to a great extent For example, walnuts in nuts Almond green vegetables are very beneficial for your brain  If you can afford these things then start eating this food daily at least 3 months before the exam If you can't do it, then at least do not eat junk food and eat green vegetables.

5. Affirmations.

Even if you lie, if you say anything to yourself that is not today, then you become tomorrow  If you keep saying anything wrong to yourself like my luck is bad, my brain is bad I can never remember the things I read, blah blah If you keep saying all these negative things to yourself then your brain power will never increase So what do you have to do? You have to say the opposite of it  You have to take the fake it till you make it approach You have to say to yourself that my brain is very sharp I can remember the things I have read My brain is getting sharp day by day You have to say these affirmations daily to yourself You will definitely benefit a lot

6. Get enough sunlight.

Many students isolate themselves during the preparation of exams and do not go out of the house They are only going to study day and night But this thing is absolutely wrong It has a very bad effect on your health So to avoid health issues, you have to balance everything  You have to distress yourself, do sunlight exposure for at least 10 minutes daily This will help you to be stress free Because sunlight exposure increases endorphins and serotonin levels in the brain They increase and the mood remains good.


What are the scientifically proven methods mentioned in "Secret Tips To Increase IQ Level"?

The tips provided in "Secret Tips To Increase IQ Level" are backed by scientific research and focus on well-established methods for cognitive enhancement. The content strictly adheres to evidence-based practices recognized by the scientific community, ensuring credibility and reliability.

Yes, the "Secret Tips To Increase IQ Level" guide is designed to be inclusive and suitable for individuals of various age groups. The recommended techniques aim to enhance cognitive abilities universally, making it applicable and beneficial for both younger and older audiences.

The effectiveness of the tips in "Secret Tips To Increase IQ Level" may vary among individuals. While some may experience noticeable improvements sooner, it's essential to understand that cognitive enhancement is a gradual process. Consistent application of the suggested techniques is encouraged for sustainable and lasting results. The guide emphasizes the importance of patience and dedication in the pursuit of increased IQ levels.

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