Avoid These 5 Common CBD Vaping Mistakes: A Guide to Optimal Cannabidiol Enjoyment

Published:Nov 13, 202322:12
Avoid These 5 Common CBD Vaping Mistakes: A Guide to Optimal Cannabidiol Enjoyment
Avoid These 5 Common CBD Vaping Mistakes

Discover the pitfalls to steer clear of when vaping CBD with our guide on the "5 Common CBD Vaping Mistakes." Elevate your cannabidiol experience by learning how to avoid these errors and make the most of your CBD vaping sessions.

Hi guys, I'm going to talk to you about five common CBD vaping mistakes. Number one, concentration levels of CBD. So here we've got a 10ml bottle with 250mg of CBD.

That's 2.5% of the liquid is CBD. Here we've got a 100ml bottle. If that had the same amount of CBD in a 100ml bottle, it'd be 0.25%.  So that means don't spend more money just because it's a bigger bottle. Spend if it's got more CBD. Number two, hemp oil, CBD oil. They are not the same thing.

Do not confuse the two with the same. Hemp oil is way cheaper. Hemp oil has much, much, much lower levels of CBD.  So if you see a bottle with a really high amount of hemp oil and it's dirt cheap, it's because it should be.

It's got this much CBD in it. Don't confuse the two. Number three, don't vape CBD oil. E-liquids are not called oils. Oil is oil. E-liquid is e-liquid.  You get CBD oils to put under your tongue, CBD e-liquids to vape. You do not want to be vaping CBD oil.

So that's number three. Don't vape CBD oils. Also, e-liquids are way more bioavailable. What does bioavailable mean, Professor? Bioavailable means your body absorbs it a lot better.  So if you put a drop on your tongue, it goes into your stomach, gets absorbed with all your acids and all your hamburgers and your vegetarian sausage rolls and your pigs in blankets and your muesli, and then it goes in your blood system.

Whereas if you vape it, it goes into your lungs, it goes straight into your capillaries,  into your blood system. That's what being bioavailable means. So if you vape CBD e-liquids, it's more bioavailable. Just don't vape. Just don't vape CBD oils. Number four, putting nicotine in your CBD liquid. Nicotine degrades CBD. So if you get a CBD shot with nicotine included, give it back to the shopkeeper.  You want your CBD as CBD came, without nicotine. Number five, use the right kit and the right tank for CBD.

CBD e-liquid is pretty runny, so if you use a big tank with a big coil, the chances are it's going to come straight out of the air holes, all over your pocket, your hands  and your device. And that's expensive. So use a simple little device, like a pod system or a starter kit. The best thing about it is they're also cheaper, so if you get sold a big fancy flash kit for CBD vaping, give it back to the shopkeeper and ask him for a pod kit.  Hi guys, I hope you found this CBD article useful. If you did, please, do us a solid. Share it on to a friend. Subscribe our newsletter, Vaping Juice TV, and stick us a comment below.

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