The Real Reasons Behind Apple Products Are So Expensive

Published:Nov 12, 202322:24
The Real Reasons Behind Apple Products Are So Expensive
Apple Products Are So Expensive

But whenever we talk about Apple products, the question that comes to our mind is money, money, money, where will it come from?  Because Apple products are very expensive. By the way, the question is why does it happen? Today you keep reading this article and I am going to talk to you about it. Let's get started.

Apple product value

Friends, please like and share this article.  If you feel that whenever we talk about any Apple product, whether it is a very common iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Airpods, Apple Watch or these big Airpods Max, that the cost has increased a lot. Now, friends, why is this cost so high? Why is Apple so expensive? You can find different theories and different things about it.  Now, a very simple and simple answer to this question, which may be accepted by the app as well, and which people may often tell you, is that Apple charges more money for this.

And people pay more money for this. For this, for Apple logo, for Apple brand. This is somehow right, a little right,  but friends, is this the complete truth? No. I mean, Apple is a premium brand. There is no doubt about it. Apple products are expensive. There is no doubt about it.

But is the money you are paying for your iPhone, iPad, is only for this? It is not like that.  Here, friends, if we look at things in detail, then you will see that Apple has, I mean, in the last few years, in the last few years, since Apple has existed, and in the last few years, friends, we have seen so many times that Apple brings new products one after the other,  whether it is to revolutionize the music industry with the iPod, or the first iPhone in 2007, or the new modern MacBooks, iPads, AirPods, etc.

There is no doubt that Apple has established a very big brand for itself in the last few years, friends, and has generated such a big loyal fan base,  that people, no matter what you say that the iPhone is so expensive, they line up outside the store on the first day, and sit for several days, because they have to buy the phone first. There must be something. It is expensive, I agree. Many people say that people waste money on it.  But if you elaborate things in detail, then you will understand that money is not wasted. The product is definitely good.

There is no doubt about it. I mean, if you ask any iPhone user today, how is the iPhone, or if you use it yourself, there is no doubt that people want to buy an iPhone.  I have recently polled so many friends on my channel, and I have seen that people like Apple so much. I am sure that all the people who have voted are not all Apple users. But still, there is no doubt in how many people it is valuable for Apple. Apple is definitely a premium brand  and a premium product lineup with Apple. iPad definitely gives you a very good experience in tablets. iPhone mobile phone is also very good. Apple MacBook is also a very good laptop. There is no doubt about it.

Apple ecosystem.

When we talk about Apple ecosystem,  then things get a little more interesting. Look, today's date, the other brands do not have any strong reason to retain customers. We often see that a brand phone that is being used today, if it changes tomorrow, then it is not a big deal. It can change the brand. But,  when we talk about Apple, then here, we talk about the world of connected devices. Now, the one who has a MacBook, the one who has an iPhone, let's assume, if he wants to buy a new laptop, then as far as there are chances, when the MacBook will leave the old one,  then the new one will also buy a MacBook. Because he knows how well the laptop works with his phone. Or if he wants to upgrade his phone, then he will not buy an iPhone. Or if he wants to buy a new earphone, then chances are that it will be Apple Airpods.

But he knows that the Airpods will work very well with his phone or laptop. So here, friends, the ecosystem, or we talk about Apple, which gives you the whole fun of privacy, other brands cannot give you that. So there is no denial in this, that Apple products are good.  Yes, no one is perfect. That is a fact. But still, if you compare, then you get a good value. Now the question is, is this value so high? I mean, compared to other brands, are you paying so much money? Now friends, if you understand logically, then maybe you will understand better,  that if we talk about, for example, a MacBook, or if we talk about, for example, an iPad. Now there is no doubt in this, that if you look at the iPad, then the tablets are a little cheaper.

You can't expect that from other tablets. If you see a Windows laptop which is 5 years old and you are using it today then how will you get the experience.  But I have seen people who are using 5-6-7 years old MacBook even today and it works first class. So these products I think if you look at your iPhone or Mac or Apple Watch then you will be able to see how it works. So it will give you a good value for a long time  and there is no doubt about it. If you buy an iPhone which is 5 years old then you will get the latest iOS 15 and you will get it on

Day 1. You won't have any problem with using it because you will get a good and secure experience. 

If you look at an Android phone which is 5 years old  then you won't get the same experience. So here Apple is definitely charging a premium because Apple has established itself as a premium and desirable lifestyle brand. Let me tell you a fun fact. If you buy an iPhone case then chances are that in most cases you get a cutout here so that people can see the Apple logo. Have you seen any other brand like this? Have you seen any other brand's case where a cutout is shown to show the brand's name? No one will want to see the brand's name. But if someone has an iPhone then people will want to see it.

Apple Premium Lifestyle Brand.

So there is no doubt that this is a premium lifestyle brand. People want to use Apple products flaunt it and show it to people that they have the latest iPhone or Mac. And that is why they are willing to pay a premium. But, just because of this no one will stay with a company for a long time until they get something else. So here Apple is giving something else a better value or a complete connected ecosystem or a better privacy or a long run of the device. The latest features and designs are there. Another fact is that since Apple has never stepped in the mid-range Apple has never stepped in the budget range  so as soon as the Apple brand comes to mind you click on premium in a second and you give it more value and recognize it that's why people flaunt iPhones. So here the simple fact is that we are paying for the brand and the other expenses are also there. 

How big is Apple's R&D?

Other than this, a lot of money is spent in marketing. For example, how many Apple stores are there in the world? How do Apple innovate things? How do Apple innovate things? We sometimes simply convert it to BOM that this iPhone is worth so much. That is just the cost of the product. So here there is no doubt that we are paying a little Apple tax but there is no doubt that the experience we are getting becomes much better. If you try to elaborate logically maybe you will agree with me. If you have any other reason, please comment below. That's it for now. Thank you for watching. I hope you liked the video.

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Why are Apple products more expensive compared to other brands?

Apple places a strong emphasis on creating premium, high-quality products that seamlessly integrate hardware and software, providing a unique user experience. The company invests significantly in research and development, utilizing cutting-edge technology and materials. The meticulous design, durable build, and stringent quality control contribute to a higher production cost, resulting in a premium price tag.

Moreover, Apple products often come with exclusive features and innovations, further justifying the higher cost. The seamless integration across the Apple ecosystem, including devices, software, and services, adds substantial value to the overall user experience, making the investment worthwhile for many consumers.

While some features found in Apple products may be available in more affordable alternatives, the level of integration, design, and user experience that Apple provides is often unparalleled. Cheaper alternatives may compromise on build quality, user interface, and long-term support. Apple's commitment to a holistic ecosystem ensures a seamless transition between devices, a factor that might not be fully replicated by other brands.

Additionally, Apple invests heavily in privacy and security features, which can be a differentiating factor for users concerned about data protection. The perceived premium may stem from a combination of these factors, making Apple products stand out in a crowded market.

The perception of Apple products being overpriced is subjective and depends on individual priorities. While the initial cost may seem high, factors like build quality, long-term support, and the exclusive Apple ecosystem contribute to the overall value proposition.

Apple's commitment to customer service and regular software updates ensures that devices remain functional and up-to-date for an extended period, potentially justifying the higher upfront cost. It's essential to consider the overall experience and longevity of the product when evaluating whether the price is justified for the individual user.

Yes, Apple products often retain their value better than many other brands. The company's commitment to software updates for older devices, coupled with a strong resale market, contributes to the enduring value of Apple products. The longevity of Apple devices, both in terms of hardware and software, means that users can enjoy a reliable and up-to-date experience for an extended period.

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